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Coolit Melton

CooliT - Melton Radiators - F.A.Q's

Do you work on European Cars ?

Yes we work on all cars, we can fit a radiator to any vehicle.

Are you open Saturdays ?

Yes but only by appointment.

Do you offer Automotive Air Conditioning ?

Yes, we will work on all heating and cooling systems.

How often does the coolant need replacing?

There is no easy way to tell when coolant or corrosion inhibitor needs to be replaced. Don't be tempted to judge coolant concentration just by it's colour, as often it will appear to be alright even though the component of the mixture that protects your engine has been used up. It's best to follow the vehicle manufacturer's instructions regarding change intervals. Typically this is around every two years or 40,000km, but this will vary.

Why is it dangerous to remove a radiator cap when the engine is hot?

It's extremely dangerous to remove the cap from a hot radiator as the coolant will be under pressure and the temperature will be well above boiling point. You should only check the coolant level when the engine is cold. Don't forget that if your car has a coolant recovery system the level must be checked in the recovery reservoir as well as in the radiator.

Coolit Melton

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